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Proper labeling of chemical containers is fundamental to protecting your safety and health. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires labeling on containers of hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

We hope you will find this site a convenient tool for helping you label chemical containers in your area. The labels generated are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and may be printed out to Avery Label # 5165. For those who don't own a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may obtain a copy of the viewer here: The Adobe web site. The labels generated meet all applicable OSHA requirements.

New labels for additional materials are being added constantly. If there is not a label in this collection for a material that you use routinely, you can suggest that we develop a label for it. Please AskEHS.

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Note - Labeling of Waste:
It is also important to label containers used for hazardous chemical waste. Unlabeled or improperly labeled containers is one of the most frequent violations cited during inspections of colleges and universities by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cornell's chemical waste management system requires the use of a two copy waste label that can not be printed over the network. To have chemical waste labels mailed to you, contact EH&S by email.

The labels on this site were made to be used by the faculty, staff and students at Cornell University. Any other use is at the risk of the person downloading the labels and Cornell University or Cornell EH&S accepts no liability for the use of these labels by other entities.